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About us.  Apps to Translate Professional Translation Service. We are dedicated translation service. We translate your app. best for developers. We are aware of the lack of professional translation service. We provide the best application translations.

translation service

Apps to translate team was first established in 2010. Since that date we have provided our professional translation service to the law firms, medical and insurance companies etc. As of 2017 we decided to share our experience with the digital world by focusing only translations of the apps.

Apps to Translate provide the most affordable prices and here to help you to expand your business. We are here to make your firm multilanguagel.

Our vast experience in this business simply means that we know if it works or if it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if it has to do with language, culture, translation technology or content localisation. We have worked with clients from across different industries and across different locations and we have the expertise to enable you to achieve the quickest and the best localisation services.

Because Apps to Translate understand the role that tech should play in translation and localisation services. Our team of translators use the best technology available to deliver our services. We can also proffer to you some advice on the best way to go about your project.

As a company policy, we do not work with freelancers as a part of our translation team therefore we don’t support all the languages. But if you need the translation in different languages rather than we support, please contact us with the details of your work. We may find the best translator to become a member of our team.

Translation Service


At apps2translate, we keep our pricing flexible and adjustable to suit our customers’ needs. We believe in simple pricing where there are no hidden charges.

Professional app translation service

We provide a professional service. We work strictly to deadlines and ensure confidentiality of your data.

Major Languages

We always offer a professional service with major languages English, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Turkish.

Succesful Team

Our translators are both bilingual and have professional qualifications approved for the translation service.

Quick Service

Excellence is important to us. We provide a fast and reliable service. Satisfaction guaranteed.

our mission

App developers need to be able deliver their products in localised languages across different borders and provide local content making use of processes and technologies that are in tune with the present day digital requirements. At Apps2translate, our mission is to provide help to individuals and organizations that are in need of such translation services to enable them reach out to an endless spectrum of customers and increase their profit margins. We bring our experience and expertise in translation and localisation to app developers all over the world.

By only focusing on translation of the applications in Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store we do the best. Since we have plenty of translation of the applications, we do not provide/accept any other translation service rather than application translations.

Being an app developer,
you cannot continue
to afford ignoring revenue that
lies beyond your country.

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Localising apps to reach a larger base of your target customers is excellent business practice.
However, you will need to get the right team of translators
to drive your message in a manner that’s original and convincing.

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translation service

Translation is easy. Simple.  Apps to Translate. Professional Service. We support some languages. Chinese , English , Russian , German , Turkish. We translate your application. Best for developers.


Today’s world has become highly digitalized and the way content is produced and conveyed has changed tremendously. For you to keep up, you have to provide content to as many people as possible through as many channels as possible, all almost at the same time and with a speed like the speed of light.

This is the same with the mobile apps market. Whether your apps are for business, entertainment, gaming or social media apps, your customers will require that these apps looks, sounds and feels like they were specifically made to fit into their immediate environment and culture. Translating these apps to many different local languages is surely the quickest way to reaching out to as many people as possible.

translation service

At Apps2translate, we’ll ensure we work directly with you about all of the fine details of your products and content. Unlike many others, our native translators can only localise apps into their own native language. This way, we have ensured that the translations are wholly authentic and natural. Our team of translators are keen to observe the smallest of details; accent mark, syllables and diphthongs and between all the peculiarities of each language presented in the form of local slangs, cultural sensitivities, idioms, clichés and specific local market behaviors, it is certain that every app needs the touch of professional language translator that not only understands the apps features and operations but more importantly, knows how to convey that information in his/her local dialect.