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About us.  Apps to Translate Professional Translation Service. We are dedicated translation service. We translate website. localise your website. best for companies. We are aware of the lack of professional translation service. We provide the best translation service.

We provide translation services for applications used in mobile technology and also localize websites into different languages to serve the remotest of markets and also into major mobile markets like in the US, United Arab Emirates, Russia and China.

While we are providing you with this service we take our job very seriously and our aim is to provide you maximum satisfaction with our service. We always consider our costumers’ needs and expectations. If you have a business that is content-driven and that requires translation or localisation then you are our kind of business. By only focusing on translation of the applications in Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store and website localization we do the best.

Principle of Confidentiality

We understand the need to be discreet with clients information

Proccess Monitor

You can monitor our progress and performance as we carry on

Localised Content

With us, you get excellent localised content and products

Tech Inclined

We understand the role that tech has to play in translation service

We offer collaborative, transparent and flexible innovations to help drive home your products. We know that solving your complex and far reaching business problems isn’t a walk in the park, hence the need to forge strong and reliable partnerships so as to achieve the best results possible.

At Apps2translate, we’ll ensure we work directly with you about all of the fine details of your products and content. Unlike many others, our native translators can only localise apps into their own native language.

We currently provide localization service for almost every languages.

apss2translate is the best in the service

Language Localisation

Your app or website will look, sound and feel like they were specifically made to fit into their immediate environment and culture

Quick Service

Our services are fast and second to none as we are committed to making our customers very happy

Making Your App/Website Multilingual

We'll work with you throughout the entire process; we’ll ask all the right questions and ensure that the content is undiluted, clear and concise.


Try with us today and we promise you’ll be glad you did.

Excellence is important to us. We provide a fast and reliable service. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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languages to translate in apps2translate

Unlike many others, our native translators can only localize app and website into their own native language. This way, we have ensured that the translations are wholly authentic and natural.

Our team of translators are keen to observe the smallest of details; accent mark, syllables and diphthongs and between all the peculiarities of each language presented in the form of local slangs, cultural sensitivities, idioms, clichés and specific local market behaviors, it is certain that every app needs the touch of professional language translator that not only understands the apps features and operations but more importantly, knows how to convey that information in his/her local dialect.